The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

My Favorite Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an oasis in the middle of a dessert. Ranging from “sin city” to a popular destination you can visit as a family, Las Vegas over the past decade has come a long way. The legendary Las Vegas strip has also undergone a tremendous transformation with the recent addition of several hotels that are just extraordinary. If you haven’t been to Vegas for the past ten years, you will be amazed and wowed and clearly you will not even recognize the place. Below are my favorite 8 hotels in Las Vegas.


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My Favorite Las Vegas Chatlines

My Top 5 Chatlines in Las Vegas

With the increased popularity of online dating sites, some of you may have heard and led to believe that good old phone dating chat lines are becoming obsolete. While it is true that dating sites took over a big part of the market share, chatlines are coming back strong with a renewed reputation thanks to increased marketing efforts and the intimacy that live chat provides. Today we bring your my top local phone party lines.

Thanks to AffairHub for letting us use their research. Information from their website is reproduced here with their permission. Visit for a complete list all the phone party lines and their access numbers.

Below are my top 5 phone chatlines in Las Vegas:


Las Vegas Strip-Clubs

My Favorite Strip Clubs In Las Vegas

I am one of those sorts of guy who believe in having the best of fun and enjoyment without being unfaithful to my job and profession. I also believe in settling for only good quality and therefore am very particular when it comes to choosing the right strip clubs. I look at only those clubs which offer complete and holistic entertainment and fun and make me ready for the next days’ hard work in the true sense of the term. Yes, I believe that the whole thing should be sexy and hot but there are other attributes also that should be looked at. Based on my experiences, here are a few top strip clubs in Vegas.


Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant Las Vegas

Top 10 Japanese Restaurants in Las Vegas

Every celebration needs food and drink. Here at Las Vegas, restaurants are continually upping the ante with celebrity chefs and unique Japanese and Asian menus that cater for every taste and craving. These cuisines have everything you have heard about from meals you eat while standing, to six-course ones you take in chef’s private dining room. Pack your appetite and let Las Vegas Japanese restaurants do the rest.